Backpacks For Lilo & Stitch Fans

Stitch is one of Disney’s most popular characters. His wild mix of chaos and cute has resonated with fans since 2002.

The mischievous alien is appearing all over merch this year. From Sac Stitch to apparel, there’s something for every Lilo & Stitch fan!

The Ultimate Garment Bag

If you’re a fan of Lilo & Stitch and want to travel in style, this backpack will make a great choice. It’s a great size and features gold details on both sides.

The bag also has an interior zippered pocket and a top handle for easy carrying. It can hold up to three suits and comes with a luggage sleeve for extra protection when traveling.

A good garment bag should be thick enough to be folded multiple times and put into a suitcase without wrinkles, but thin enough to keep delicate clothing separate and safe from damage.

It should have pockets and dividers to help keep all your items organized, and it should have security tags so you can be sure nobody else is using it.

This affordable garment bag from Amazon is a workhorse that offers plenty of space and can handle the weight of multiple suits, shirts, shoes and other must-haves for a long business trip. It has multiple tie-down straps and an organization pocket for handy access to pens, phones and other travel essentials.


Lilo & Stitch is an enchanting film that tackles a lot of relevant themes such as family value, the need to belong and unconditional love. It is a rare Disney animated film that reaches this level of depth.

The film follows the story of Lilo (Daveigh Chase) a Hawaiian orphan who adopts an extra-terrestrial experiment that she names Stitch. As Stitch gets closer to her, she begins to feel like he is her friend and not just an animal to be tamed and kept on the sidelines.

The movie is a heartwarming tale that is genuinely funny and never feels condescending to its audience. In fact, it is a refreshing break from the often slapstick style of many Disney cartoons.

The Traveler

The Traveler is a 35 liter backpack that can be used for short trips or for EDC if you need to take your laptop outside. It’s a great backpack for Lilo & Stitch fans who enjoy outdoor adventures but need a lightweight, sleek bag to bring their tech.

The front organizer compartment includes three separate pockets for small items, a short key ring, and a large area to carry a tablet or other small device. This is a great feature for travelers who want to keep their belongings organized while traveling, but it’s a bit awkward to access because the zippers are vertical and only accessible from the back panel when the backpack is face down.

The main cargo section can be cinched down with two compression straps on each side, which reduces the pack’s overall thickness and helps keep it from flopping around when not fully loaded. These compression straps are also a nice feature for adjusting on the fly when you need to take more or less gear with you.


The UGB is a high-end, two-in-one leather travel bag with a carry and shoulder straps and gunmetal hardware. It may not be the largest or the most durable, but it is the most functional and stylish for the price. The UGB also boasts a number of other features including a fold-flat compartment that houses the patented Stitch Touring Fabric that has the strength of leather, but is far more durable and water resistant.

The UGB is a good place to start for Lilo & Stitch fans looking for the best backpack for the price and quality. Check out our full collection of bags and accessories to find your dream fit. Then be sure to tell us about your favorites in the comments below! The more your feedback, the better we can serve you. The Stitch team can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time. Have a great day! For more tips and tricks, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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