Create Your Own Palette With Single Pan Eyeshadow

Create your own palette with these single pan eyeshadow. Featuring matte and frosted/shimmer shades with rich, creamy pigments that are easy to blend and build up intensity.

The formula is supposed to have “pillow-soft, smooth and blendable” color with a soft texture that lasts all day without creasing or fading. Matte shades range from semi-opaque to opaque but are easily buildable.


A cool, silky pot of pigment with major staying power. Whether you want to create a sleek and sophisticated look or Keith Richards-like smokey eyes, this creamy pot of eyeshadow will take care of it all with up to 24 hour wear that is smooth, buildable and easy to blend.

Unlike eyeshadow palettes, singles are much more portable and easier to carry with you for on-the-go applications. These pressed powders come in a range of finishes and shade offerings that are perfect for a multitude of looks. They have a soft and velvety texture with medium to opaque pigmentation that is easily blendable on bare skin. This formula can be used dry or wet. MAC Cobalt is a light blue that’s perfect for people with pastel-inspired looks.


The foundation of the palette is a sleek gold-finished tin that houses 3 complementary shadows. The tin and its contents are crafted from a mix of recycled tin and post-consumer plastic. It’s an eco-friendly choice that fits in with the rest of the collection and can be used interchangeably with all Curator eyeshadow refill shades.

According to a Reddit user, this product will last for around a year until it’s empty. The shade range is pretty expansive as well, with everything from lavender grey and smoked amethyst to pure violet, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your mood.

You can use these pigments alone or layered with each other to create different looks. They’re also great for using as a base underneath glitters or other eyeshadow toppers.


A highly pigmented pressed powder eyeshadow with a smooth, easy-to-blend texture and long-wearing seven to eight hours. Most shades have semi-opaque to opaque color payoff that applies well on bare skin, blends out easily and works well with other colors in the palette.

The frosted/shimmer shades in this formula have very fine glitter particles and look elevated on the eyes when worn alone, or layered over a base color for more drama. They’re also budge-proof and crease-resistant.

This formula is available in large 37mm pans, so you can easily swap out shades for other uses. You can even create a custom palette with these singles in the palette case provided with each shade (which is really nice). Alternatively, you could use them for travel, too!


A one-and-done eyeshadow is a must for makeup lovers who want the convenience of a quick and simple look. The formulas here are soft, blendable and offer a variety of finish options.

If you’re a fan of glitter, you’ll love this shade in a convenient pot. It has a smooth, shimmery formula that looks more elevated than your average glitter eyeshadow.

Whether you want a melty nude or smokey lid shade, this creamy formula has got you covered with its up to 24 hour staying power. The shades are easy to blend and can be used wet or dry. This is also an affordable option for makeup artists looking to build up their palette collection. It’s budge-proof and crease-resistant in a way that few other cream eyeshadows are.


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