Diamond Painting Animals

diamond painting tiere is an Asian-inspired craft that’s sweeping the globe. It’s a calming hobby that relieves stress and is easy to learn, allowing people of all skill levels to create gorgeous artworks.

Diamond paint kits come with a pre-glued canvas, flat-backed resin beads (sometimes called diamonds) and instructions. Many of these canvases feature animals, nature, pop culture references and fantasy worlds.

African Animals

Diamond painting is an activity for all ages and skill levels. It is a great way to unwind and test your creativity while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. Using high quality pre-sorted diamond dotz and a matching stylus you can churn out a top-notch work of art. We have a number of kits to choose from in all shapes and sizes. The best part is they are reasonably priced and we are proud to say that they are all made in the USA!

You are bound to find one that suits your fancy. You can even purchase a kit for yourself and gift one to your favorite pal. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this unique hobby. If you are looking for a little more of a challenge you could opt to purchase a diamond painting class or two. We also offer classes to suit the needs of any group size.

Animals of the Wild

Diamond painting is a great way to relieve stress and all ages can enjoy the process. It also improves and fine-tunes physical motor skills, flexes your hand and finger muscles and improves overall concentration and focusing abilities.

In the wild, animals may suffer from diseases that kill them or cripple them in ways they cannot live with, causing chronic pain and long-term suffering. Animals also undergo significant psychological stress, including fear and distress, which can be a cause of their suffering.

Many of these animals also have strong bonds with humans and are very selfless. These bonds are very important, and are a part of the reason we should protect animals in the wild.

Animals of the Past

We don’t often think about it but the earth has been home to a variety of animals at different times. Some were very large while others were tiny, but they all played their part in keeping our planet healthy.

Some of these animals were also very useful and even fun to watch. The Giant Kangaroo was an impressive 9 feet tall and weighed in at 500 pounds! They are believed to have hunted other small antelopes and ate a lot of leaves.

Other creatures of their time are still in the news, including the giant ground sloth (Megatherium americanum). This prehistoric creature was up to 18 feet long and weighed as much as an elephant. It was found in Asia, North America, and South America during the Pleistocene epoch. It has since gone extinct due to climate change and habitat loss.

Animals of the Future

Some scientists believe that climate change could cause animals to “shape shift.” For example, if the world becomes too cold for land-dwelling creatures, they might develop streamlined bodies and sprout flippers for an aquatic lifestyle.

These types of evolutionary paths are only speculation, but they do help us think about what the future will hold. And it’s worth considering the possibilities, especially because some of these changes are already underway.

For example, in North Europe, 5 million years into the future, we find three hypothesized species: Shagrat, a descendant of the marmot that has evolved thicker fur and a smaller nose to survive the cold; Snowstalker, a descendant of the wolverine that has evolved sabre-teeth and white fur for camouflage; and Gannetwhale, a descendant of the gannet which has grown to immense size to replace sea mammals.

Diamond painting is a great hobby for people looking to relax, it diverts their attention away from the everyday pressure of life and helps them to get their stress levels down. It’s also a good way to spend time with friends and family.

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