Dometic Replacement Heating Element

This replacement heating element is designed to fit certain GC and GH model Atwood water heaters. It also fits a number of Dometic rv fridge fan

These absorption refrigerators use heat to boil an ammonia and water mixture and then disperse the ammonia vapor through a coil system. It’s a cool way to keep your food safe!

Fits Atwood GC and GH Model Water Heaters

The Dometic Replacement Heating Element fits Atwood GC and GH Model Water Heaters. It is designed to replace the heating element in a gas-fired Atwood GC or GH model water heater, such as the GCH6-4E and GH6-6E models. It is also suitable for other models that use the same GC or GH model. This replacement heating element is made of stainless steel, and is designed to withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It is available in a variety of sizes. To determine which size is right for your Atwood water heater, consult the manual that came with the unit. The replacement element should be inserted into the water heater at an angle of up to 98 degrees C. Once the element is installed, turn the unit on in gas operation mode. If the unit does not come on, the heating element is defective and must be replaced.

Replacement Element

If your water heater isn’t getting the job done, it may be time to consider replacing it. The Dometic Replacement Heating Element replaces the original heating element in an Atwood GC and GH Model Water Heater and is designed to be a more cost effective alternative than having a technician come out and install a brand new unit. The replacement element is made of aluminum and is designed to last longer than the original component. It is also more energy efficient than the original unit and will help you save money on your electric bill.

Order this item today and start enjoying the benefits of a new heating element. It’s the best way to improve the performance of your GC or GH model water heater! You may also want to check out our Atwood GC or GH Model Water Heater Guide. It has all the important details and tips to help you choose a unit that fits your needs.

Installation Instructions

Dometic makes a variety of RV and Camper appliances, Awnings, Furnaces and replacement parts. They purchased Atwood in 2009, and they have been providing top-quality replacement parts for Atwood GC and GH Model Water Heaters ever since.

To install the Dometic Replacement Heating Element, first remove the cap on the old element. Next, move the gas line that is attached to the heating element out of the way. This may require a little time and effort on your part, but it’s a necessary step.

Once you’ve removed the old element, slide the new one into place and screw it into the same hole as the old one. Now it’s just a matter of re-connecting all the wires and retightening everything up again. If you’re not a professional, you should hire a skilled technician to handle this task for you. But if you’re handy, it should be easy to do on your own. Just remember to make sure you’re connecting everything up correctly!


Dometic RV refrigerators aren’t like your average residential fridge. They have a number of features to help keep your food cool and fresh while you’re on the road, and they’re designed for use with both propane and electric power sources.

To help ensure troubleshooting is as safe as possible, follow these steps before you get out your tools: Wear rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes to protect yourself from electrical shocks and liquids; disconnect your propane or electric supply; and keep flammable materials away from any area where you’re working. Then, read your appliance’s user manual and take precautions when opening any access panels or removing parts.

Keeping your fridge at the right temperature is important whether you’re camping full time or sporadically. The proper setting helps preserve your food’s flavor, but it also saves you money on energy by preventing your unit from overworking and overheating. For the best results, check your thermometer regularly to make sure your unit is running at its optimum temperature.

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