How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Your Business

Virtual receptionists help you deliver outstanding customer service and improve caller experience without hiring a full-time employee. They manage incoming calls and schedule appointments while providing administrative support. They can even handle your calendar and dispatch sales representatives to callers who need a particular product or service. They are also able to set up and cancel meetings for your team. As an added bonus, a virtual receptionist saves on overhead expenses and reduces the need for physical infrastructure like offices or call centers.

When searching for a virtual receptionist, consider one that offers customizable scripts for different types of calls to ensure alignment with your business’s brand voice. You should also look for one that has seamless integration with your existing workflow software, so call information can be easily shared between teams and logged in your CRM or appointment scheduling tools.

A virtual receptionist service should also provide detailed call reporting and analytics, so you can review metrics such as call duration, volume trends, and the percentage of calls that result in a sale or appointment. Look for a service that provides this data in an easy-to-read format so you can assess the quality of your virtual receptionists’ work and find areas for improvement.

Virtual receptionist services are growing in popularity with small businesses of all sizes. From a startup with just one office member to a Fortune 100 company, these services are an excellent alternative to traditional receptionists. They help businesses maintain a professional image and increase profitability by freeing up in-house staff to focus on core tasks, while reducing costs associated with payroll, benefits, and overhead.

The covid pandemic prompted many workers to reconsider their career choices and examine the quality of life they could lead if they were able to choose the best balance between work and personal commitments. The result was a dramatic rise in remote work, which is expected to continue to grow in 2021. Whether you decide to keep a lean staff in your brick-and-mortar office or want to go 100 percent remote, a virtual receptionist can make your company more efficient and effective by handling calls and scheduling appointments for you and your team.

As a bonus, 90 percent of consumers say they would rather talk to a live person on the phone than to a recording or robot. Those numbers can be dramatically increased when your calls are answered by a highly trained virtual receptionist.

Grasshopper has been in the business of answering phones for three decades and offers a 24/7 call center with a team of 100% US virtual receptionists. They can be scheduled to answer all of your calls, only overflow calls, or calls at specific times. Their custom software guides their actions, which helps them provide exceptional customer service and support for your business. They also offer a free 14-day trial and plans starting at $60/month.

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