How to Find Michael Kors Bags in the UK

The relaxed downtown sister to uptown designer label Michael Kors, diffusion brand MICHAEL Michael Kors effortlessly interprets the timeless glamour of New York style. The supple leather Selma and Sophie bags have amassed a cult following, seen on the arms of Kate Moss and Malaika Firth, with Selfridges selling an average of 225 bags a week last year and John Lewis reporting a 70 per cent growth in sales.

A Michael Kors bag can add a touch of elegance to any outfit, whether you’re headed out on the town or need to carry all your essentials for work. MK bags feature sleek silhouettes, pebbled leather finishes and opulent surface details. You can also look for the brand’s logo encircled in a circle to identify genuine leather pieces. If the logo is stitched in a different color, it’s likely a fake. MK handbags come in a variety of sizes to fit your lifestyle.

A Michael Kors purse is the perfect accessory to finish any outfit. The brand’s purses are known for their sleek designs and chic appearance, making them a great choice for everyday wear. They’re also a great option for travel, since they can hold all of your essentials.

When shopping for an authentic MK purse, look for a fabric liner that has the name Michael Kors encircled. The pattern should be consistent and the letters should be evenly spaced. The purse’s hardware should be heavy and finished smooth. The metal MK logo tag on a zipper should also feel solid.

On the bottom of most MK purses is a gray tag featuring Made In followed by the country of origin (China, Korea, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, or Taiwan). The two-letter code directly below this information indicates the factory where the bag was made. The tag should also feature a heat-stamped MK word logo. A real MK purse’s lining will have double stitching and the signature triangle closure.

If you need a little extra style with minimal space, try a clutch from the MK line. The brand’s clutches are slim, rounded shapes in opulent materials like snakeskin prints and pebbled leather. They’re great for formal occasions or a night out on the town. For a more casual look, MK also offers a variety of cotton canvas purses that are perfect for everyday wear.

Authentic MK bags feature precise stitching and neat leather tabs that conceal handle ends. Look for a stitch pattern that is the same color as the bag’s lining fabric. You should also be able to easily see the MK logo encircled in a circle on the bag’s interior pocket fabric. In fakes, the letter M stands out and the circle looks more centered. In addition, the MK logo hardware should feel heavy and substantial rather than coated plastic. Also, when you open the zipper, an authentic MK bag should stay structured and not gape wide.MK bags in uk

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