Latest Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

If you like the idea of a clean look, try this minimalist cabinet trend. It’s all about flat slab doors without excessive details or crown molding.

Fluted surfaces, tactile and traditional, are making waves in the kitchen. A rubbed oil-rubbed bronze finish goes with many different cabinet colors.

Minimalism is a style that can be applied to all areas of the kitchen and it can be an excellent choice for a streamlined look. However, it doesn’t mean that your custom cabinetry should be bland or devoid of personality – minimalism can actually make a room more visually interesting.

Efficient storage ideas are key in minimalist designs, and a combination of closed and open solutions is often the best solution. This allows you to showcase cherished ceramics and less-used vases on open shelving while keeping everyday utensils in closed cabinets for easy access.

Kitchen cabinet styles that incorporate smooth lines and a neutral color palette are ideal for minimalist designs. Shaker cabinets and sleek, frameless designs are popular choices for this trend. For a touch of personalization consider using slender finger tab handles instead of traditional knobs, as shown in this design by Captex Construction. Alternatively, consider using a reclaimed material for your kitchen wall cladding or floors to add character and a sense of permanence to the space.

Taking inspiration from china cabinets and heirloom storage, kitchen cabinet trends like glazed doors and shelving make it possible to display personal treasures instead of hiding them away. Similarly, recessed handles offer a sleek alternative to pulls and knobs for a more pared-back look that accentuates cabinetry details.

This year, kitchen design experts note a shift towards darker colors that add depth and drama to a room. Forest greens, teal blues and anthracite gray pair well with custom kitchen cabinets, providing a fresh color palette that will stand the test of time.

Another way to add more dimension is by contrasting a neutral color with a dark island finish. In addition, incorporating a bolder accent color, like this dark red, helps highlight an eye-catching design feature or turn glass front cabinetry into a decorative display. Cabinet lighting also adds depth and highlights the contents of a drawer or shelf. Puck lights can be added to upper or base cabinets and come in a wide range of finishes that complement any style.

While neutrals remain a solid kitchen cabinet design trend, color is making a strong comeback. A splash of color adds depth and character to a room, and can complement even the boldest kitchen paint ideas.

One of the most stylish ways to use color is with contrasting cabinets. Pair a bright hue with a lighter shade for a bold statement, or try muted shades of the same hue. Here, a pale blue on higher cabinets and a periwinkle blue on lowers creates a clean, modern look that’s perfect for any kitchen.

Another popular option is to dispense with handles altogether for a sleek, pared-back look. This is made possible by technological advancements, and push-open cupboards are becoming a regular feature in modern kitchen designs. For a more traditional finish, recessed handles are available in a range of styles and finishes. For example, silver metallic hardware suits dark matte kitchen cabinet colors and dark oil-rubbed bronze looks great with white or gray options.

Creating a kitchen that reflects current trends is one of the best ways to keep your home on style. However, it is important to incorporate classic design staples that will enhance your space regardless of what’s hot or not in 2023.

This year, designers are embracing bold colors and combining them with warm toned materials like wood or metal. The mixing trend also encourages contrasting hardware. Silver metallic hardware looks great against dark matte cabinet finishes while bronze hardware works well with white cabinets.

Natural stone is a popular choice for countertops, but it’s not limited to the standard Carrara or Calacatta. Designers are experimenting with more impactful shades such as green or blue.

Another way to add a touch of uniqueness is to use patterned cabinetry, which can make for a stunning visual statement. This can be achieved by using decorative door fronts or incorporating a directional pattern. In this Manhattan kitchen, the handblown mirrored glass used for upper cabinet doors creates an extended view of Manhattan’s skyline.latest kitchen cabinet design

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