Lilo and Stitch Teddys

Lilo and Stitch is a film about ohana and finding the one true place you belong. It was made far from Disney headquarters in Burbank, by a close-knit group of artists who wanted to show they could do more than the hand-drawn princesses of the past.

During the scenes where Nani and Stitch are talking, the plate rack on the wall disappears and reappears between shots. Also, the sound of a light switch flipping can be heard.
itty bittys Disney Stitch

Kids Preferred presents this super soft, cute & charmingly detailed Stitch stuffed animal. It makes a snuggly buddy for toddlers & kids of all ages, and also a comforting travel companion for road trips & airplane rides. This plush toy also makes a thoughtful gift for get well wishes, birthdays, and more.

All Stitch ever knew was how to be a rambunctious alien until Lilo taught him about family. Celebrate your ohana with this stylized plush version of 626 dressed in his red spacesuit.

itty bittys are Hallmark’s new collectable plush toys that are so tiny and adorable you will want to own them all. They are based on popular film and TV characters that everyone will recognize. The collection is huge with lots of Disney, Star Wars, Rainbow Brite, Frozen, The Muppets, Marvel and DC Comics characters to collect. They are arriving in the UK in October 2015 after a huge success in America and Australia.
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Itty Bittys is a line of collectible plushies from Hallmark featuring cute stylizations of popular characters. Each itty bitty is crafted of soft plush fabric and is about an inch tall. The itty bittys line includes a number of licensed Disney, Pixar, Muppet, and Marvel characters, as well as DC Comics, Peanuts, Scooby-Doo, and Star Wars.

Add a little ohana to your itty bittys collection with this set of two itty bittys based on the classic Disney Parks Jungle Cruise attraction! Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are posed in safari attire as they ride a vintage-style steamer boat. These itty bittys are a great addition to any Disney or Lilo and Stitch collection.
itty bittys Disney Lilo

Stitch is a cute little alien who learns about love and family from Lilo. It’s a delightful film that is a refreshing change from the cut-and-dry Disney formula. Its humor is a bit more Looney Tunes than Mickey Mouse and is sure to please fans of that style of animation.

All Stitch ever knew was how to be a rambunctious alien until he met Lilo and learned about ohana. This plush version of the mischievous creature is dressed in his red spacesuit and makes a great addition to any collection.

Hallmark’s itty bittys are small collectible plush toys that feature stylized versions of popular licensed characters. These adorable toys are a fun way to celebrate your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. They also make great gifts for friends and loved ones. The line has expanded to include many other well-known franchises, including Star Wars, DC Comics, Rainbow Brite, and the Wizard of Oz. Each itty bitty is 4 inches tall and features beans in its body so that it can sit up.
itty bittys Disney Nani

While Frozen may be all the rage now, Lilo and Stitch was an important breakaway film for Disney on many counts – it was the first time the studio tried something new with traditionally-animated filmmaking and it featured an unconventional protagonist. It also taught us the importance of family and the embracing, unconditional love that is so central to Hawaiian culture.

Nani, Lilo’s older sister, is a strong female character who embodies the values of her big Hawaiian ohana. It’s one of the few times that Disney animators have attempted to depict a young adult female character with curves and larger thighs.

She’s a single mother, trying to keep her daughter out of trouble and working a hard job to support them both. She doesn’t even have a date for the movie, but rather a suitor who respects her choices and is content to remain her friend. Quite possibly one of the most progressive young women to be shown in an animated movie.Lilo and Stitch Teddys

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