Seashell Ring – A Symbol of Beauty, Transformation, and Timeless Symbolism

Embrace the coastal spirit and timeless symbolism of the ocean with this delicately crafted seashell ring. A symbol of beauty, transformation, and the treasures uncovered by the ebb and flow of the tides, this ring is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

The ring evolved from the work of New York jeweler Seaman Schepps, who first fashioned turbo shells into a pair of earrings in the 1940s. These elegant creations were favored by Standard Oil heiress Millicent Rogers and actress Paulette Goddard and were one of the earliest forms of shell jewelry to become a fashion trend.

Located along the barrier islands and coasts of Georgia, the curved shell midden deposits known as “shell rings” were built by Native Americans in the late Archaic period (4,200–3,000 years ago). The locations of these features are widely regarded as among the earliest evidence of permanent village occupation in the southeastern United States. However, disagreements persist over the degree to which these sites reflect the activity of year-round residents, seasonal visitors, or a combination of both.

This study uses automated remote sensing methods to detect and quantify the geographic range of these features, and to examine their probable functions. The results from this analysis demonstrate that the building tradition extended far further north than previously documented, and suggest that, whereas these structures may have functioned as rare monuments in some instances, they were most likely common domestic structures. In addition, this research demonstrates the importance of using multispectral imagery to detect archaeological features that are not well distinguished by single-spectrum remote sensing images alone. seashell ring

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