Boots are a key element to your Steampunk costume. They add a sense of Victorian charm to your outfit and can be worn to both formal and casual events.

men’s steampunk boots are made to evoke the fashion of the Victorian era with a modern twist. They are crafted from high-quality materials and feature intricate details such as gears, cogs, and brass accents.

Bruno Marc Military Combat Boots

This leather-lined oxford combat boot features cool stitching, a wingtip toe, and brogue detailing. Whether you’re looking for a pair of STEAMPUNK BOOTS to go with your military gear or to wear with your costume, Bruno Marc has the perfect pair to suit you. You can pick from several different styles of combat boots to get the look you want, and be sure to choose a pair that will fit well and not hurt your feet.


Gothic Skull Boots

Featuring a black and gray gothic skull print on a light brown base, this renaissance styled boot is a sight to behold. A rounded toe and a lacing system that actually does what it is supposed to do makes these boots as functional as they are fashionable. A soft textile lining and a rubber outsole that will last a lifetime are also on the menu. Best of all these are a cinch to put on and take off.

Renaissance Lace-Up Boots with Chains

Whether you’re attending a Renaissance faire, a pirate fest or just going out and about, leather lace-up shoes with chains are an ideal choice! They’re light enough to allow for freedom of movement while also giving you the look of a medieval warrior.

They’re great to wear with a peasant skirt and off shoulder top or with a waist cincher or corset for a Renaissance serving wench costume. They can also be worn over tights for a wood nymph, sprite or fairy costume.

These faux suede Mary Jane style shoes are a must have for any woman who loves to frequent Renaissance fairs or events! They are also the perfect complement to velvet Royal Renaissance gowns and hooded velvet cloaks!

These ghillie shoes are not authentic but they’re made of higher quality leather and won’t fall apart after just a few wearings. They’re also perfect for Highland dancing or as trendy summer shoes.

Costume Spats

Everyone knows that a costume isn’t complete without the right shoes. A pirate can’t be taken seriously in flip flops, and a princess won’t seem royal unless her footwear compliments her look.

But sometimes you need to add a little something extra to your legs and footwear, and for those times you may want to try some spats, boot covers, gaiters or leg guards. At Medieval Collectibles, we have a wide variety of cool accents to wear around your legs in traditional, gothic and steampunk styles.

These Steampunk Black Boot Spats are a great accessory for any Steampunk costume! They’re ideal for wearing at a fair or for a Steampunk cosplay, and they’ll give your boots a nice industrial look without being heavy.

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