The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk is liquid gold, and expressing and storing it is an important step for nursing moms. But a single leak or spill can ruin the entire batch, which is why many moms choose to invest in a few good sets of breast milk storage bags to keep their precious liquid safe and fresh. There are tons of options out there, but the best breast milk storage bags should be FDA-approved, made with food-grade plastic or silicone, and designed specifically for storing, freezing, and then thawing breast milk. They should also be easy to use, feature an oxygen barrier, and have a double zipper lock that’s guaranteed leak-proof.

These reusable breast milk storage bags from Momcozy are a popular choice with breastfeeding mothers because they’re made of thick, durable silicone and can withstand the freezer without becoming brittle. They’re incredibly easy to use, with an easy-pour spout that makes it simple to transfer milk from bag to bottle. They’re also BPA- and lead-free and come sterilized using high-energy electron irradiation, which makes them easy to clean and safe for baby feedings. Plus, they lay flat in the freezer and stand upright when it’s time to use them.

Lansinoh’s breast milk storage bags are another reliable option that earn a lot of praise from women in our reviews and in our lab testing. They’re similar to other silicone options but feel sturdier and more leak-proof, even when frozen. They also feature a convenient write-on area at the top for labeling, which some moms find helpful. And they’re less expensive than some other silicone brands at under $16 per pack of 100.

The Motif Medical reusable breast milk storage bags are roomier than other options on this list, which can be a bonus for those who pump a lot or have older babies who require larger feeds. They seal well with a double-zipper lock and are designed to lie flat in the freezer, which helps preserve milk quality. In addition, they have a wide mouth for easy filling and a convenient spout that’s also easy to pour from. They’re also microwave- and boiling-water safe, which makes it easy to reheat the milk for baby feeds.

Grownsy’s reusable breast milk storage bags are a unique option because they’re designed to be as spill-proof and hassle-free as possible when it comes to emptying the milk from bag to bottle. They have a cut-and-pour spout that’s easy to use, and they feature labeling that shows when the milk was pumped and at what temperature.

While these reusable milk storage bags don’t have the oxygen barrier that other options offer, they do have an additional feature that can help moms track how much breast milk they’re pumping and saving for later. Each bag has a small “milk volume” mark, so it’s easier to see how much you have left after each pumping session. It’s a handy way to keep track of how much you’ve collected over the course of a day or week, and it can help prevent moms from freezing too much.

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