Top 10 Refrigerant Recovery Machines

There are a lot of recovery machines on the market. Some are small and lightweight, while others are larger and heavier. A good recovery machine should be able to handle the refrigerants you are using.

The MR45 from Fieldpiece is a powerful refrigerant recovery unit with a 1HP compressor. It also has a microchannel condenser for faster recovery time.

1. Appion G5Twin Twin Cylinder Recovery Unit

The G5Twin weighs 24 lbs and is designed to pump liquid and vapor without throttling. It also features a refrigerant-isolated crankcase and a turbine fan blasting 700cfm of airflow for cool, durable, powerful operation.

The Fieldpiece MR45 is a newcomer to the recovery machine scene and claims to have the fastest vapor recovery rates in the industry. However, they only beat the G5Twin by 1 lb in this test when using an accessory that increases the high-temp R22 direct vapor recovery rate.

2. Robinair 34988 Premium Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The Robinair 34988NI Premium Refrigerant Recovery Machine is easy to use and has superior accuracy. It recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests and recharges R-134a vehicle systems quickly and efficiently.

It features a mechanical scale lock that eliminates the need to recalibrate the scale after long distance transportation. It also comes with two separate oil inject bottles that make it easy to store and inject different types of oil.

3. RG3 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The RG3 is the cheapest recovery machine we have listed here and offers decent performance numbers for its price tag. It features a twin cylinder design and has a decent power rating of 1/3 HP along with an air pressure rating of 550 PSI.

It works with most common refrigerants and is ideal for residential and appliance sized recovery jobs. It also has a 40% smaller footprint and is easy to carry weighing in at 18 lbs!

4. MASTERCOOL Refrigerant Recovery Machine

This refrigerant recovery machine from Mastercool is a great option to consider as it offers decent performance numbers. It has a dual cylinder design that makes it powerful while offering a good pressure rating of 550 PSI that is comparable to other options out there.

It also has a color coded gauge that helps in differentiating liquid from vapor. Moreover, it is compact, lightweight and works with all refrigerants.

5. GE RXR-500 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

This recovery machine offers a powerful model that is easy to use and can handle both liquid and vapor. This model is ideal for home and commercial refrigeration systems.

It comes with a dual cylinder design that makes it a good option for heavy-duty applications. You also get a decent power rating of 1 HP and an air pressure rating of 550 PSI.

6. GE RXR-600 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

GE RXR-600 is a one cylinder recovery machine with the fastest R-1234YF refrigerant recovery rate in its class. Programmable operation & easy-to-read status messages on the LCD display.

Single gauge control panel shows tank pressure during recovery & internal pressure during purge. Two cylinder, Oil-Less compressor at 1 Hp. & weighs just 22 lbs.

*Safety Shut-off switch cuts out above 550 psi.

7. GE RXR-800 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The fastest, smallest and lightest recovery machine on the market. Pumps refrigerant faster and easier than ever before with the variable speed DC motor. Easy to read status messages and pressures on the big, bright display. Work with liquid or vapor, and can handle virgin or recovered CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants. Two cylinder, Oil-Less compressor at 1/2 Hp. Meets DOT Spec. 4BA.

8. GE RXR-900 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The GE RXR-900 is one of the fastest recovery machines, and it can handle multiple refrigerants. It also has a filter drier and an automatic post-purge feature.

Contractors and technicians should consider their needs when buying a recovery machine, and be sure to keep it clean and run its maintenance routines to ensure it lasts for a long time. The RG3 is small and portable, and can be carried from job-to-job.

9. GE RXR-1000 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The GE RXR-1000 is the fastest, smallest and lightest recovery machine on the market. It is designed to work with vehicle A/C systems that use the new R1234yf refrigerant. It includes a refrigerant identifier and is fully automatic with programmable vacuum operation. It features a two cylinder Oil-Less compressor at 1 Hp. Safety shut-off switch cuts out above 550 psi. See also RG3 for a one cylinder version.

10. GE RXR-2000 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

This one cylinder recovery machine has a lower recovery rate than other machines in the list but it still gets the job done. It can recover refrigerant vapor and liquid for most common CFC, HFC & HCFC Refrigerants including R-410A. It features a safety shut off switch which cuts out above 550 psi and a two cylinder Oil-Less compressor at 1 Hp. Top 10 recovery machines

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