Top Brand Design Firms From Chicago

A top branding firm from Chicago can create a brand identity and campaign that will capture the attention of your target audience. They can also help you build brand awareness and loyalty, which will increase your sales.

Monogram Group is a branding agency that specializes in market research and brand invention. Their team of experts follows a structured process to develop effective solutions for their clients.

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Verve Marketing Group

Verve Marketing Group offers a full-stack marketing platform that connects brands, agencies, and publishers. Its real-time data platform overlays location-contextual audiences on premium-enriched global and local supply for brand performance campaigns.

They helped design print save the dates, invitations, programs, note cards, and digital templates for a college fundraising event. They also provided ongoing website maintenance and translation services. They were responsive and flexible to change requests, and their work is high-quality.
Pivot Design

Pivot Design is a marketing and branding firm with an excellent reputation for creative work. Its clients include a rare disease biotech firm. They hired Eastlake Studio to design a workplace that reflects their forward-thinking leadership. The office features polished concrete floors and exposed structural elements.

Pivot Design has an excellent culture and is known for its ability to attract top talent. The company also has a solid InHerSight score of 2.2.

Seedhouse is a boutique branding firm with a seasoned and industrious team of brand folks. They provide a research-driven approach to full-service business strategies. Their clients include law firms, professional services, manufacturing, e-commerce, and small businesses.

a5 is a branding and marketing agency that has been in Chicago since 2007. The company specializes in public relations programs and marketing. It offers branding, design, and engagement strategies for municipalities, nonprofits, and arts organizations.

Mabbly uses data analytics, market research, and digital technology to help their clients rise to the top. They recently helped Safe Rate, a financial platform, engage with the marketplace.

Mabbly’s diverse employees score the company highly across multiple culture dimensions on Comparably. They also like their PTO policy. Visit their website here.

ArtVersion is an award-winning firm that has been creating web solutions since 2009. They understand your business and create designs and websites that perfectly fit, so your customers can relate to your brand and become paying customers.

The company is led by Goran Paun, who brings his sought-after design skills to each project. His work has helped many brands establish an authentic corporate identity and connect with their target audience.

Daake is a branding agency that specializes in brand identity, motion, web, and spaces. They work with clients in different industries to create their digital products.

For example, they helped a Chicago hotel refresh their brand identity to attract more guests. Their work has received positive feedback from external stakeholders.

SGK is a branding and marketing agency that serves midmarket and other-sized businesses. They provide content marketing, digital strategy, and email marketing services.
BatesMeron Sweet Design

BatesMeron Sweet Design is a full-service creative agency that specializes in branding, marketing, and web development. Their team of dynamic problem-solvers and idea generators is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business goals. They recently helped a manufacturing company develop a new visual identity and marketing strategy campaigns, resulting in 2-3 significant new customers. They also excelled at project management, staying on top of all deadlines and communicating clearly throughout the process.

Founded by Graceann Bennett, a master brand strategist with decades of experience shaping brands at global advertising agencies, PLAYBOOK Studio uplevels the way brands show up visually and verbally. Bennett and her team create strategic action plans, called “Playbooks,” that keep teams aligned, efficient, and effective when expressing their brand.

They recently helped a manufacturing company refine their strategy and redesign their identity. The client was impressed with their promptness, responsiveness, and intelligence.

MonogramGroup is a branding agency that specializes in repositioning brands for business performance. Their process includes brand invention, copywriting, and web development. They work with middle market-based clients in education, healthcare, manufacturing, media, IT, and non-profit industries.

VisualFizz is a small branding agency with a team of fewer than 10 employees. They provide PPC, social media marketing, SEO, and digital strategy services for small businesses in the business services, consumer products & services, and eCommerce industries.brand design firm from Chicago

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