Why Choose a Solid Conservatory Roof?

There are many reasons to choose a solid conservatory roof, including improved energy efficiency, thermal insulation and less reliance on heating. It can also increase natural light and reduce glare from the sun.

Your approved Ultra Installer can help you design a solid replacement roof and liaise with building control to get Building Regulations approval.

A conservatory with a solid roof will add value to your property and offer an attractive addition to your home. These roofs are incredibly versatile and come in a range of materials and colours, meaning that they can seamlessly integrate into your home’s existing style.

A solid roof will allow you to use your conservatory year-round, making it a multi-functional space for dining or relaxing. Additionally, it will provide improved insulation, reducing your heating costs.

A solid conservatory roof can be fitted without the need for building regulations or planning permission, providing your extension falls within permitted development rights. However, it is always best to check with your local council. This is especially important if your property is located in a conservation area or national park.
Energy Efficiency

Conservatories without a solid roof are often too hot in summer and too cold in winter because the heat just escapes through the roof. Replacing the conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof will help to make it a functional all-year room, making it more usable and adding value to your property.

A solid roof will be much more energy efficient than a polycarbonate or glass roof, and can save money on heating bills (although the cost of the new roof is unlikely to be recouped). It will also reduce noise from rain and thunder, and improve light levels.

Before installing a solid conservatory roof, you should always look for a company with LABC (Local Authority Building Control) registered details to ensure that the design will comply with building regulations. It is also worth checking with your local council to see if planning permission is required for the work.
Thermal Insulation

Many existing conservatories are poorly insulated and can become unusable in winter. With a solid conservatory roof you can keep it cosy all year round.

If you choose to install a new tiled conservatory roof you will likely need to get building regulation approval. This is to ensure the existing structure is strong enough to support the weight of a solid roof.

You may also wish to consider adding solar control film to your windows, this helps to limit how much heat can enter the conservatory in summer.

Greenoaks and Supalite roofs are fully fire tested as complete systems so they meet all current UK fire safety standards. This is in contrast to conservatory insulations that are applied as quilting or cladding which don’t meet this standard and could pose a fire risk.

A solid roof is much tougher than a polycarbonate conservatory roof. It can also be topped with a range of tiles which come in different styles and colours, making it easy to match your new conservatory roof to the rest of your house.

The superior insulation provided by a solid roof helps keep heat in your conservatory, allowing it to be used all year round. This will reduce your energy bills as you won’t need to use your central heating as often.

If you’re considering a replacement conservatory roof, it’s important to find a reputable installer that offers a wide range of services, including surveys and building regulations approval. This is because changing a conservatory roof from glass to solid requires that the existing frame and base of the conservatory is able to support the new weight.
Easy Installation

A conservatory with a solid roof is much easier to regulate temperatures and is more energy efficient. This will save you money on heating bills and help protect your furniture from the extreme temperature changes which can cause it to crack, fade or discolour.

A pitched conservatory roof will also channel rain away from the structure and prevent leaks. This will extend the life of your furnishings and protect any valuable contents.

Both the Livinroof and Ultraroof are designed to be compatible with your existing conservatory framework, so you can easily maintain your style choice. They also have beautiful vaulted ceilings which give the room a real ‘room in a house’ feel and can be fitted with recessed lighting.

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