Building a YouTube Community

YouTube is one of the most popular and powerful video platforms in the world. With so many videos competing for the attention of viewers, it’s important that creators build a community around their content. Community members will watch more videos, share more videos, and support the content creators they love. Building a community requires a number of strategies, including creating engaging video content, using the YouTube Community tab, and collaborating with other YouTube creators. YouTube’s Community tab allows creators to share updates, polls, and other content with their audience beyond their videos. This helps create a more genuine connection with the viewer and fosters a two-way relationship between creator and community. YouTube posts can also be shared across social media and can include clickable links. The most successful channels on YouTube have a dedicated and engaged audience. This means that your viewers will come back to your channel again and again for the quality content you produce, and they’ll promote your videos to their friends and followers. To cultivate a dedicated and engaged audience, create compelling video content that teaches, inspires, or amuses your viewers. It is also important to interact with your audience, as 4 in 10 millennials say that their favorite YouTube content creator understands them better than their friends do. This can be done through comment replies, video replies, and Community posts. Use the YouTube Community tab to post behind-the-scenes footage of your content creation process. This will allow your viewers to get to know you and your brand a little better, and it will show them that you care about your community and are invested in the success of your channel. You can create and post Community posts from the YouTube mobile app or desktop site. It’s easy to use, and you can add a text message, GIF, image, or poll to your Community post. You can also tag other users in the post by writing the ‘@’ symbol followed by the user’s name. You can even schedule a Community post for a later time or date. Community posts can be used to tease upcoming video content, find out what kind of content your viewers want from you, or simply to share fun and exciting updates. For example, if your video production is coming up for a big milestone or you’ve been featured in another creator’s video, make a post to celebrate! The most active and supportive YouTube communities are built on collaboration. So, to truly cultivate a thriving YouTube community, consider reaching out to other creators in your niche to see if there is any way that you can collaborate or support each other’s efforts. You can do this by tagging other channels in your Community posts, or by encouraging comments on each other’s videos with a shout-out from one creator to the other. This will not only increase the engagement on your own videos, but it will help to foster a supportive and active community that values collaboration and support. Building a YouTube community

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